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Cheryl West

Cheryl L. West's plays include: Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy; Addie: An American Girl Story; Birdie Blue; Before It Hits Home; Jar the Floor; Play On! (Broadway); Holiday Heart (Showtime/MGM) and is a contributing writer for Motherhood Out Loud. Her new play, Pullman Porter Blues, is premiering at Seattle Rep this Fall (2012) in a co-production with Arena Stage. She is the Webby-nominated writer of Diary of Single Mom and the writer of the upcoming film, In the Hive.

Writing for Children

Writing for Children

Getting past the Gatekeepers

23 May 2012

Cheryl West tells of her own experience writing theatre for young audiences surrounding the topic of race, and how children are a lot more well-equipped to process difficult topics than we think they are. Are we holding children back by trying to censor programming "for their own good?"