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Deb Williams

Summerland native, Deb Williams is multi-award winning actress, writer and producer. She is one of the creators/stars of the international hit comedy trilogy, Moms The Word, MTW2: Unhinged and MTW: Remixed. Most recently Deb starred in Arts Club Theatre's Clybourne Park, Importance of Being Earnest, Henry and Alice: Into the Wild and in the critically acclaimed After Jerusalem for Solo Collective. She also starred in Becky’s New Car for which she received a Jessie for Best Actress. She has written many plays including Axis Theatre’s award winning Driftwood and Broccoli and Butterflies. She is the co-producer of The Flame, a monthly Vancouver storytelling that is celebrating its 4th season. She regularly tells her stories on CBC radio's DNTO, CBC TV and found mouthing off on rantingparent.com. Deb is a graduate of Studio 58, and has worked on stages across this country for the past 28 years.

Vancouver on Fire

Vancouver on Fire

27 June 2013

Deb Williams and Joel Wirkkunen took action during the economic recession by making a once a month storytelling night called The Flame.