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Diane Gilboa

Diane Gilboa is the founder and Producing Artistic Director of Theatre Or, now based in Denver, Colorado. Next to Theatre J, Theatre Or has produced more American premieres of Israeli plays and plays about Israel than any other American theatre company, and has presented these plays in North Carolina, Chicago, New York, and now Denver. In North Carolina, the Independent Weekly awarded Theatre Or’s Voices from the Holy Land Festival of Staged Readings of Cutting Edge Plays from Israel four and a half stars along with a citation for Special Achievement in the Humanities that “recognizes work that goes well beyond the traditional definitions of community outreach.” Diane is a former member of the executive committee of the Association for Jewish Theatres, where she held the position of secretary for two terms. Theatre Or also produces other plays with Jewish interest and universal appeal.

On Supporting Both Theatre J and Mosaic Theater

On Supporting Both Theatre J and Mosaic Theater

A Perspective from a Regional Jewish Artistic Director

26 January 2015

Artistic director Diane Gilboa contemplates what could happen to Jewish theatre since the dismissal of Ari Roth, and shares her hopes for the field and colleagues.