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Emmett Podgorski

Emmett Podgorski (he/him). Theater person, LGBTQ+

Emmett Podgorski (he/him) is a Northeast Ohio native. He is many things: queer, an actor, a writer, a weirdo, and a cat dad to Susan and George.

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Making Space: Consent, Collaboration, and Queer Access Intimacy

Making Space: Consent, Collaboration, and Queer Access Intimacy

With Guests J.C. Pankratz and Emmett Podgorski

12 July 2023

J.C. Pankratz returns to the podcast to reflect on the first full production of their play Seahorse, directed by Nicolas Shannon Savard, starring Emmett Podgorski. Nicolas, J.C., and Emmett discuss how the collaborative process, from auditions through closing night, was informed by queer community building, access intimacy, and consent-based practice. They offer behind-the-scenes perspectives and concrete examples of how tools and ideas discussed in previous episodes played out in practice.

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