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Friederike Landau

Friederike is a Berlin-based post-doctoral researcher interested in artistic activism, cultural policy and new forms of urban governance that engages state and civil actors in 'conflictual collaborations'.

Dr. Friederike Landau (*1989) is a political theorist and urban sociologist. In her dissertation (2015-2017), Friederike dealt with the political organisation and representation practices of freelance Berlin artists and their strategies for making an impact on Berlin’s cultural policy. Using the example of the Coalition in the Independent Scene, Friederike explored how artists in the ’creative’ city develop collective structures to denounce power imbalances in cultural promotion and become self-empowered protagonists to bring about changes in cultural policy priorities. At the interface between cultural policy, urban development and cultural activist interventions in public space, Friederike explores new forms, protagonists and moments of the political in an allegedly post-political age. Friederike is currently a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

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Belonging in a “Creative” City

Belonging in a “Creative” City

11 October 2018

Dr. Friederike Landau and Christophe Knoch explore artist activism in Berlin, detailing the purpose of the Koalition der Freien Szene and weaving in thoughts from the city’s senator for culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lsderer.