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Gab Reisman

Gab Reisman is a New York / New Orleans based playwright and immersive performance maker with a history of making theatre in non-traditional spaces

Gab's playwriting explores the relationship between cultural geography and individual identify- the ways place writes itself on our bodies. Interested in the liminal and irreverently political, her plays often queer time and space, sometimes using history as a prism to expose our current zeitgeists.  Gab has developed work with Fusebox Festival, Clubbed Thumb, Page 73, Sundance, the MacDowell Colony, GPTC, and the Orchard Project among others. She's received commissions from Humana, Clubbed Thumb, the NOLA Project, EST/Sloan Project and New Plays at Barnard. Gab has been a Core Writer at the Playwrights Center, an NNPN Playwright in Residence at Southern Rep and is a New Georges Affiliated Artist. Her work has appeared on the Kilroys List and she rocks a BA from the University of New Orleans, an MFA from UT Austin.

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Adapting to a New Normal in Jeune Terre

Adapting to a New Normal in Jeune Terre

29 September 2019

Playwright Gab Reisman discusses writing a play about climate change and moving toward a model of collective accountability and civic action.

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