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Jerrod Bogard

Playwright, libretist/lyricist, and director.

Jerrod is a playwright and director whose plays and musicals are published with Samuel French, Smith & Kraus, Original Works Publishing, and The Indie Theatre Experience. He began his career as a traveling puppeteer and has taught acting and writing workshops for children, teens, and adults around the country. Jerrod co-created 'Wright Club, an experimental year-long writers' lab with The Amoralists theatre company. He recently presented three original plays to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland with Theatre Breaking Through Barriers. Jerrod earned his Acting degree from Florida School of the Arts, a Theatre degree from Brooklyn College, and attended the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop as a lyricist.

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Confessions of a Sexist Playwright

Confessions of a Sexist Playwright

25 July 2019

Jerrod Bogard talks about sexism, theatre, and unpacking his invisible knapsack.