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Jonna Capone

Jonna Capone is an active member of the body positive community and theatre family, and she's working to combine both worlds. She has a degree in musical and classical vocal performance, and has been involved in theatre since a young age. She became interested in plus-size modeling and advocating for the body positive movement, continuing to grow in her own body and self-image. She wanted to combine her two loves and has worked to educate others and promote positivism. She has also been writing since a young age, but recently became interested in blogging and sharing podcasts. She has written a series of short novels, and spoken word pieces. As a tutor in English and writing, she is excited to write and share her stories and passions.

“Too Big and Not Big Enough”

“Too Big and Not Big Enough”

Body Representation On Stage

25 April 2017

Jonna Capone discusses her experience as a plus-size actress and the body positive movement, advocating for better representation of body sizes on stage.