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Jordan Schwartz

Associate Producing Director at the Fonseca Theatre

Jordan Schwartz received her M.A. in Performing Arts Management from the University of Oregon '17 and holds a B.A. in History from Bryn Mawr College '15. Currently, Schwartz is working as the Associate Producing Director of the Fonseca Theatre Company, a new minority-majority theatre based on the Near Westside of Indianapolis. In 2017, she was recognized by Theatre Communications Group as a Rising Leader of Color. While in graduate school at the University of Oregon, Schwartz began to focus on literary management and new play development with literary internships at Oregon Contemporary Theatre and the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis. After graduation, she served as the Director of Literary Programs and Outreach for the Phoenix Theatre for a year before transitioning to her current role with the Fonseca Theatre.

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So You Want to Move to the Developing Neighborhood?

So You Want to Move to the Developing Neighborhood?

25 June 2019

Jordan Schwartz discusses gentrification in developing neighborhoods, how artists moving in need to work with the existing communities, and what kind of change that can bring about.

A Play About a Neighborhood

A Play About a Neighborhood

Community and New Play Development in The Duchess of Stringtown

14 January 2018

Jordan Schwartz, director of literary programs and outreach at Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis, discusses a project that originated at the Indiana Women’s Prison and culminated in a production in the neighborhood that was the setting of the story.

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