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Koy Suntichotinun

Isara Koy Suntichotinun is a multi–disciplinary artist from Thailand who moved to the United States at the age of four. Koy is interested in audience participation and creating objects that inform of themes beyond just sight. He has worked in mediums such as ceramics, painting, sculpture, typography, printmaking, web programming, 3D printing, and many other disciplines that favor the concepts of his pieces and current interest. Koy is currently a second year undergraduate in School of the Art Institute of Chicago pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Art Forms in Flux

Art Forms in Flux

An Artist’s Interpretation of State Park in “Rod”

2 May 2016

In this installment, Koy Suntichotinun discusses his process for creating a performance piece interpreting Aaron Weissman’s State Park, in which he incorporates social media.