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Leigh Bienen

Leigh Bienen is a law professor and a criminal defense attorney whose expertise includes sex crimes and capital murder. A lifelong devotee of the theatre and the theatre arts and artists, she has published fiction and non fiction, and a short play of hers was included in a festival of new plays at McCarter Theatre, Princeton. As a Guest Editor for a Special Issue on Theatre in Triquarterly  134,  she brought together articles and commentary from theatre artists such as Frank Galati and Mary Zimmerman, among others.  Other commentary on theatre include a published  interview with David Rabe and various reviews.  In addition to her many published books and articles on the law, recent literary publications include: The Left Handed Marriage, and other stories and Florence Kelley, Factory Inspector in 1890’s Chicago, and the Children. The Florence Kelley book was adapted into a three person dramatic reading for presentation at Hull House and other venues in Chicago.

Women and Men in Robert Falls’ 2666

Women and Men in Robert Falls’ 2666

13 October 2016

Leigh Bienen on the Goodman Theatre production of 2666 which adapts Roberto Bolaño’s nine-hundred and something page novel for the stage.