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Linnea Valdivia

Linnea Valdivia (she/they) is a professional freelance dramaturg, critic, producer and playwright.

Linnea Valdivia (she/they) is a bicoastal scholar and theatre practitioner. Her specialties include developmental dramaturgy, queer theatre and Latinx theatre. They have artistic credits with: the Lark, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Anthropologists, National Queer Theater, Curious Theatre, Playwrights Realm and New Dramatists. Linnea is most interested in supporting and creating spaces for new work that re-imagine popular cultural narratives, challenge American folklore and explore histories that have undergone relentless historical erasure.

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Queering Theatre Criticism

Queering Theatre Criticism

12 December 2019

Linnea Valdivia discusses the weight of reviews in theatre, the failure in arts journalism to approach queer stories with respect and empathy, how a critic should react if they misgender an artist, and more.