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Lojo Simon

Lojo Simon is a playwright, dramaturg and curator of Bare Bones new play reading series.

Lojo Simon is a playwright and dramaturg. Plays include Relic (Queens Theatre), Adoration of Dora (KOLT Run, Idiom, David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award), Controlled Burn (MonoMyth, TheaterWorks), One Foot (Minnesota Fringe, Greater Salt Lake Fringe) and Love All (OC-Centric New Play Festival). Plays for young audiences include Creede Repertory Theatre Young Audience Outreach Tour commissions Seeds of Change and Albert Porter: Boy Explorer and Nice & Slow (Noorda Center for Children and Youth, Old Miner Playwriting Award). More at www.lojosimon.com and on the New Play Exchange.

Feed the Hunger for Conversation in Your Community

Feed the Hunger for Conversation in Your Community

30 March 2017

Lojo Simon writes about creating a reading and conversation series for her community.