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Louis DeVaughn Nelson

Multi-hyphenate and Artist Advocate 

Playwright, Choreographer, Dramaturg, etcetera, Louis DeVaughn Nelson (aka DeVo) is a proud Black/Queer interdisciplinary artist whose creations have been presented in USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. His writing has been published in several blogs, anthologies, and journals including "The Obsidian: Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora". He is a member of The Dramatist Guild of America and was the co-recipient of The Carlo Annoni Prize for LGBT Plays in 2022 for the translation of "Happy Reincarnation!" by German author Christoph Schlemmer. He has a passion for conceptual art, absurdist theatre, new media, and several genres of horror. He lives in New York City. 

Training: DeSales University, Drexel University, The New School 

Headshots of three playwrights.
The Importance of Community for Playwrights

The Importance of Community for Playwrights

3 April 2024

What tools are playwrights using to survive in the theatre industry today? What tools are missing? Louis DeVaughn “DeVo” Nelson poses these questions and more to three playwrights in conversations about the future of theatre, the shedding supremacist systems, and the necessity to build new communities.

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