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Marina Tsaplina is a performing artist, disability activist, and Kienle Scholar in the medical/health humanities. Her interdisciplinary artistic praxis integrates object ontology, puppetry animation, disability, science and technology studies, and indigenous/traditional ways of knowing. Her pedagogy Embodiment and Puppetry focuses on cultivating embodiment, training the imagination, and bringing disability consciousness into medical education in order to transform ableism in medicine.

Daylight lighting. The puppeteer, dressed in black, is sitting on a short black cube on a grey stage in front of bookshelves. The puppet, with white body and light blue costume, is sitting on the puppeteers knee. The puppet head, bald and painted off-white, is blocking the puppeteers face. The puppet's right leg is separate from the rest of its body, connected to the right leg and toes of the puppeteer. There is a large space between the two puppet legs. The gesture of the right hand of the puppet is raised
Puppetry and Disability Aesthetics

Puppetry and Disability Aesthetics

4 May 2020

Marina Tsaplina examines the complexity of the word “disability,” how puppetry can push forward disability justice, and disability aesthetics, offering what she deems a “grammar of animacy” for artists working with disability.