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Marsian De Lellis

Marsian De Lellis is an interdisciplinary performance artist, who constructs visual narratives and handmade spectacles that have toured the US, Canada, and Scotland. Their puppet performances are centered on seemingly “weird” people that illuminate essential truths of contemporary life. Growing Up Linda is an off-kilter look at the fictitious daughter of a famous ice cream mogul, while Bride of Wildenstein—The Musical, examines the making of a monstrosity as an aging socialite grows fur and claws to recapture her philandering game hunter husband’s attention. In Object of Her Affection, a woman develops intimate relationships with inanimate objects in her search for true love.

De Lellis co-founded the Puppet Slam Network to support short-form puppetry and object theatre for adult audiences. They is currently working on an installation for the 2016 COLA Fellowship and is writing a dark comedy, tentatively titled Model Criminal, centered on a disgruntled dollhouse maker turned investigator, who builds dioramas of unsolved murders, only to be discovered that she is the killer responsible for the crimes. Object of Her Affection will premiere in 2016 at Automata with support from the Jim Henson Foundation. To learn more, visit www.MarsianDeLellis.com or connect on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Puppetry? Musings of a Solo Puppet Artist

Why Puppetry? Musings of a Solo Puppet Artist

31 August 2015

Solo puppet artist Marsian De Lellis discusses their inspiration and process for creating object/puppet theatre.