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Miguel Ángel Vargas

Lebrija, South Spain. 1978. I live between flamenco and theater dreaming that I follow the need to tell stories of the ancestors I come from, the Gitanos del campo of Lebrija and Jerez-contryside Rroma- and translate them into nowadays stages. I have worked with many different artists and companies, worldwide but also with very locally rooted artists or communities performing different roles: director, scenographer, business manager, script writer or lighting designer. Among them I may include Roma Theater Pralipé, flamenco gitano dancer Farruquito and filmmaker Carlos Saura. Currently, I'm part of Pendaripen research team of the University of Seville where I'm pursuing my PhD in the lives of Romani theater artists in Seville and Cádiz and their image on stage (1746 - 1845).

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Performing Gitanidad (Romaniness) On Stage

Performing Gitanidad (Romaniness) On Stage

14 March 2019

Miguel Ángel Vargas unfolds the history of Gitano (Romani) theatre in Spain, from the eighteenth century to today.