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Mona Merhi

Mona Merhi is a writer, producer, and a cultural operator. She holds a Diploma of Higher Studies in Theatre. She has published 2 books, Festivity under Water/ Tabula rasa(2006, plays) and Out of Service, (2009, short stories and flip book). Mona has written and directed 3 short films nominated for awards and screened in many festivals. She worked as an associate/executive producer in film and tv production. In 2009, Mona founded Sahbeh Readership Initiative, a cultural non-profit initiative aiming at creating the love of reading books among various target groups in the community. Mona was awarded the Ashoka fellowship for social entrepreneurs in 2012.

In 2015, Mona was the production and communication consultant at AUB’s major theatre production “The Rape” and partnered with Tahweel Ensemble in the mounting of “Ab:Beit Byout” the Lebanese theatre adaptation of August Osage County working as a co-producer, media and communication consultant and contributing in the adaptation of the text.

The totality of her work evolves around spreading cultural practices among the communities in Lebanon and around the Arab the world.  In addition to writing theatre reviews for al-Akhbar newspaper and making research related to cultural practices, Mona is the managing director of Masrah Ensemble and is recently finalizing her Master’s Degree in cultural mediation. 

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Staging “the Document” at the Avignon Festival

Staging “the Document” at the Avignon Festival

23 January 2019

Mona Merhi reflects on four productions at France’s 2018 Avignon Festival that were created based on real-life events, people, or documentary material and questions whether staging documents is an ethical process.

History of Censorship in Lebanon /الرجاء النزول لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية

History of Censorship in Lebanon / الرجاء النزول لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية

20 August 2016

Lebanese writer and advocate Mona Merhi writes about the history of censorship in Lebanon and its current state of play.

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