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Nelson Gray

As a writer of plays, film scripts and interdisciplinary operas, I'm interested in work that addresses concerns pertinent to the Anthropocene.

Nelson Gray is playwright, theatre scholar, and a professor in the English Department at Vancouver Island University. His writing for the stage, including collaborations with Lee Eisler, has been produced in Canada, the US, England, and Germany, while his poetry and scholarly articles have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. His play Talker's Town appeared in a 2018 Talonbooks co-publication with Marie Clements' The Girl Who Swam Forever. With the assistance of a Canada Council Award and a SHHRC Grant, he is currently working on the libretto and pre-production for Here Oceans Roar, an interdisciplinary eco-opera, based on his experiences as a salmon fisherman and incorporating oceanographic research from Dalhousie University and Oceans Networks Canada at the University of Victoria.

Who Comes for Fish? in Here Oceans Roar

Who Comes for Fish? in Here Oceans Roar

An Amanuensis for the Ocean

18 April 2016

Nelson Gray discusses the inspiration for his opera Here Oceans Roar and advocates more art centered on climate change.