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Nephelie Andonyadis

Nephelie Andonyadis is a theater artist and educator based in Washington DC and in Southern California.

Nephelie is a theatre artist and teacher, and a member of the Cornerstone ensemble. With a background in performance and architecture, she made the transition to stage design at Yale University's School of Drama where she earned her MFA. She was an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan and is a Professor of Theatre Arts at the University of Redlands. She has worked with Cornerstone since 1995 and has designed either scenery or costumes for many plays with many communities including Bliss PointCafé Vida, Jason in Eureka, Plumas Negras, Flor, Los Illegals, Sid Arthur, Boda de Luna Nueva, and the touring production of California the Tempest.  Designs at regional theatres include Saturn Returns, Midsummer Night's DreamThe Motherfucker with the Hat, Charlotte's WebSafe in HellAbsurd Person Singular, the upcoming premier of Mr. Wolf, and many others at South Coast Repertory. Some of her designs have been seen at The Getty Villa, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Portland Center Stage, Center Theatre Group, The Acting Company, The Guthrie Lab, The Court Theatre, and Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble among others. She is the recipient of the University of Redlands' Hunsaker Innovative Teaching Award and the NEA/TCG Design Fellowship.

Westley and Grayson

Westley and Grayson

Reflections from a Reluctant Californian

16 January 2015

Nephelie Andonyadis reflects on Cornerstone Theater Company’s California Bridge Tour and how its stories resonate within her.