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Precious Yamaguchi

Southern Oregon University professor Precious Yamaguchi teaches courses in critical studies, international communication and intercultural communication, and digital media. She has a PhD in Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University with research and researches issues of culture, identity, generation, social media, technology, and international textile markets.

Among her awards are the National Communication Association Top Paper Award for in 2008, the Winifred O. Stone Graduate Fund Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in 2009, and the Top Dissertation Fellowship Research Award at Bowling Green State University for the 2009 – 2010 academic year.

An Immersive Experience with Community

An Immersive Experience with Community

Take Them Into the Dirt

6 December 2017

Precious Yamaguchi takes part in Take Them Into the Dirt, a participatory production at OSF about legacy, storytelling, memory, and identity.