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Rachael Carnes

Rachael has spent 20+ years investing in arts integration, through her work in educational arts nonprofits. Rachael is recognized as an international leader in the field of inclusive education, teaching workshops in The Hague, Istanbul and across the US, including the Kennedy Center’s annual Arts for Learning Institute. She discovered playwriting in 2016 and had her first professional production last year. And as a professional journalist and editor, she regularly contributes to publications throughout the Northwest. Her play Fumblewinter was among those selected for the 2018 William Inge Festival New Play Lab Series. With a collaborative spirit, Rachael has brought together 20 playwrights from across the country, creating a new project, PLAYWRIGHTS SAY NEVER AGAIN TO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

Playwrights Say #NeverAgain

Playwrights Say #NeverAgain

8 May 2018

Rachael Carnes discusses organizing Playwrights Say Never Again to School Shootings, a new anthology of work on gun violence by nineteen playwrights with readings all over the United States.