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Rebecca Salzhauer

Rebecca Salzhauer is an actor, director, writer, and dramaturg currently studying at Yale University.

Rebecca Salzhauer is a writer and theater-maker from New York City.

She is current undergraduate student at Yale University, where she is majoring in Theater & Performance Studies. At Yale, Rebecca has been involved with numerous productions, trained with the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater, and performed and toured with The Purple Crayon, the country's oldest collegiate long-form improv group. She also loves supporting new work development as a director of new musicals and as the producer of the Yale Playwrights Festival.

Rebecca is an intern at Honest Accomplice Theatre and a college writing fellow at Alma, a Jewish feminist publication. She believes in telling ferocious, heart-filled stories collaboratively, prioritizing wellness in her work, and eating oh-so-many New York bagels.

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Finish the Fight and Making the Virtual Visceral

Finish the Fight and Making the Virtual Visceral

24 September 2020

Rebecca Salzhauer writes about Finish the Fight, a piece of online theatre that reminds viewers how theatre is a communion, a two-sided contract between storyteller and story-hearer, bound by the terms of being alive.