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Regina Buccola

Regina Buccola is an Associate Professor in the Department of Literature and Languages at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where she also serves as core faculty in Women's and Gender Studies and in Creative Writing. She has published several books on early modern British drama and culture, most recently as editor of A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Critical Guide and co-editor, with Peter Kanelos, of Chicago Shakespeare Theater: Suiting the Action to the Word. She serves as the scholar in residence at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and is one of the Midwest American reviewers for the online journal Reviewing Shakespeare. Buccola's creative work can be seen with the Chicago political sketch comedy show Democracy Burlesque; she is also a published poet, the author of the chapbook, Conjuring.

Lest We Misforget—Chewing On Chewing On Beckett

Lest We Misforget—Chewing On Chewing On Beckett

11 June 2016

Regina Buccola discusses Ed Proudfoot’s Chewing on Beckett, a contemporary reimagining of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot with an all-female cast.