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Shauna Brock

Shauna Brock is an award winning writer from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her first novel received an Honorable Mention from the Utah Arts Council in 2011 in their annual writing contest.  She is currently the coordinator for the Salt Lake City Writers Group.

She has written for the Utah Jazz, PageantZine.Net, and is currently the editor of The Wasatch Scope, the quarterly newsletter for the Utah Independent Living Center, where she also teaches advocacy and independent living skills. Her work has been published in print and online zines and been picked  up by sites such as Yahoo!Sports.

When She Speaks, I Hear Her Revolution

When She Speaks, I Hear Her Revolution

Salt Lake’s Feminist Open Mic

10 August 2015

Shauna Brock describes Salt Lake City’s monthly open mic series When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution and its strides for diversity and inclusion.