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January 6 Daily News & Opps Sourced from the #NewPlay field

Check in every afternoon Monday through Friday to find out about news, opportunity listings, festival and show info, new practices, and interesting conversations in the #NewPlay field.  All this news will be sourced from YOU — the #NewPlay community! If you want to contribute listings for "Community Roll Call" please tag #NewPlay on Twitter or direct message @HowlRound the post and link to site!


If the recent past for the not-for-profit theater was about institutional bricks and mortar and that trend has presented itself as problematic in this twenty-first century economy, how can we build something enduring, transparent, and transformative moving forward?



#NewPlay Blog : Join the Convo on @apoorplayer's blog titled "The Great Whiter-Than-Ever Way"
Given all the demographics we know about theatre in the US and westernized countries today, I think it’s safe to make the following conclusion: Theatre is primarily for white people, as both audience members and practitioners.

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#NewPlay Opp: Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency due date Jan 18
A residency that keeps a low profile, Helene Wurlitzer has been providing a haven for playwrights, poets, painters, and various artists for over fifty years. Located in Taos, New Mexico, this foundation offers three months of rent-free and fully-furnished casitas are
provided to a select group of artist to pursue their dreams. Please go to the website to
fill out form and apply. http://www.wurlitzerfoundation.org/

#NewPlay Fest: @UTRFestival Continues on with Performances tonight!
If you are in New York and like theatre that you may not see often in commercial markets- swing down to the Public Theatre and enjoy Under the Radar, a unique festival that brings together artists from across the world to present new work. For today's happening, click HERE!

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