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Jan 9 Daily News & Opps Sourced from the #NewPlay field

#NewPlay Festiva;: @EST_LA: WinterFest 2012 starts tomorrow!
WinterFest 2012 – Immerse yourself! Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA presents three weeks of non-stop staged readings: 47 plays in 18 days including new works by playwrights Nicholas Kazan, Tom Jacobson, Richard Martin Hirsch, Jacqueline Wright, Colin Mitchell, Jonas Oppenheim and many more. Admission is free, with donations accepted at the door.
For more info click here!

#NewPlay Opp: @Fireworktheater seeking directors for our upcoming Winter Workshop Series Feb 15-18 at @cprnyc 
From February 15-18, we are hosting a Winter Workshop Series at CPR in Williamsburg, Brooklyn featuring 4 plays culled from 140 submissions we received for consideration in our 2012 season. The plan is to mount very simple stagings of each play (one per night), and from these, we hope to select one for a full production later in 2012. Aside from getting 4 terrific new plays off the page and on stage, we also hope to:

  • Collaborate with artists we know and love
  •  Engage artists we haven't had a chance to work with in the past
  •  Bring our community of friends and fans together at the earliest stages of our creative process

For more info click here

#NewPlay Thought: @Epictheatr Blog post on  "Becoming Essential: What Are Theatre Artists Worth?
"Too often we producers place our faith in the “If you build it, they will come” promise of the film Field of Dreams.  But in the case of the vast majority of Americans, no matter how well we build it, they simply won’t come, because they have no idea why what we do matters." To read more click here!

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