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Jan 10 Daily News & Opps Sourced from the #NewPlay field

#NewPlay News: @SignatureTheatr Receives $2 Million From Mellon Foundation 

Signature Theatre in New York City has announced a $2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in support of a residency program and expanded programming at its new headquarters and performance space in Times Square. The gift includes $1.5 million to establish a reserve fund, with the remainder to be used to help support the organization's legacy program residencies over the next three years.

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#NewPlay News: How @FracturedAtlas uses @nytimes Districts API to help NYC artists (via @HESherman)

The arts, and the benefits to the public they provide, sometimes get lost, barely noticed by government. Fractured Atlas, a New York City-based multi-disciplinary arts service organization, is finding that by creating information and data services for its members among the city’s arts communities, it can also provide more effective advocacy for the arts to government.

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#NewPlay Cartoon: New 10,000P Post! http://markrause.com/10000p/

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