Friday Phone Call # 38

Leah Wilks of Leah Wilks Dance

Leah Wilks
Leah Wilks
(Photo by Justin Cook)

My Friday Phone Call this week is with Leah Wilks of Leah Wilks Dance in Durham, North Carolina. This is a call that gets underneath the experience of living and making work in a community that is not one of the "marketplace" cities that her NC neighbor Scott Walters has labeled NYLACHI. Leah's primary focus is dance and she's in that immediately recognizable scramble that comes from being in the middle of a burgeoning artistic community that is emerging as a big, multidisciplinary community of art makers— juggling multiple jobs and projects and forms and collaborators. And she's always in motion, developing her art, her skills for the business of her art, her vision for her work over time. And a bit trying, already, to figure out how to create space to rejuvenate and to breathe. This is a conversation that will be familiar to many regular followers here at HowlRound and it was a delight to have it with Leah. Some additional resources: Creative Capital Professional Development Workshops, Trey McIntyre Project, Manbites Dog, Carolina Performing Arts, Durham Arts Council.

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