Friday Phone Call # 48

Quita Sullivan of the National Theater Project, New England Foundation for the Arts



Today there's a bit of a reversal on the David Dower Friday Phone Call. Y'all already know that I don't even record them on Fridays, generally. And today, I am not even the interviewer! I am interviewed on this call by Quita Sullivan of the National Theater Project. The NTP is focused on supporting devised theater work created for touring. I am on the Advisory Panel for the project, one of the most consistently engaging and moving responsibilities I have in my work. Quita and I talk about the roots of the project, the role and responsibility of the Advisors, the merits of applying, and the mechanics of the selection process. Elsewhere on HowlRound and the New England Foundation for the Arts websites, you can hear from participating artists about the program and its impact on their work. If you are making work for touring, I strongly suggest you investigate whether or not to apply in the next round.

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This series traces the progress of the New England Foundation For the Arts's touring initiative.

New England Foundation for the Arts National Touring Theatre Project

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