Friday Phone Call # 70

Will Power

Today my guest is playwright Will Power. Will is currently a resident playwright at Dallas Theater Center through the National Playwright Residency Project that HowlRound is documenting. He is also on the faculty at Southern Methodist University there and has made it a priority to be deeply embedded in the Dallas cultural community. We talk about the impact of actually being in residence on his work. Will is also a person deeply committed to his own personal growth and artistic development and we talk about the path he’s traveled from his Bay Area roots, where we first met, through the Hip Hop theater scene as a performer, the regional theater scene as a playwright, and now his work in the commercial theater realm. It is always so refreshing to hear an artist of Will’s experience and stature still talking about his growth edges. I look forward to seeing all the ways his time in Dallas impacts the work, the city, and the field.

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