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Friday Phone Call # 2

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb of Z Space

We’re posting this phone call with Peter as part of the San Francisco city series here at HowlRound. My first memories of Peter actually have him acting at The Z Space in a reading of a play by my fellow Z Collective founder, Brian Thorstenson. Brian was teaching creative writing at San Francisco State at the time and gave me a heads up that Peter was a writer to watch. So I did. Actually, Peter made it very easy. He had a habit of showing up at The Z Space with his laptop and plopping down in any open space—the couch, the conference room, an empty desk—to write. He did a lot of writing there and was, for me, the poster child of what it is to take full advantage of “yes!” He’d asked if he could use the Studio, I said “yes”, and he took it from there. Pretty much everything that was available through Z, he found a way to make of use. And in pretty much every way there was to be useful to Z, he found a way to engage. Young writers can learn a lot from taking him out to lunch and figuring out how to do that as a way to get going!

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