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Livestreamed on this page on Monday 31 August 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 1 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 6 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 8 p.m. EEST (Cluj, UTC +3).

Monday 31 August 2020

Ashtar Theatre’s Oranges and Stones

A screening and discussion of a play without words that portrays the reality of persecution in Palestine

Monday 31 August 2020

Glod: Political Theatre as a Civil Right presented a screening and conversation on Ashtar Theatre’s Oranges and Stones livestreamed on the global, commons-based, peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Monday 31 August 2020 at 10 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 1 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 6 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 8 p.m. EEST (Cluj, UTC +3).

Romanian noun

  1. Wet earth (soaked by rain water or melted snow)
  2. Mud
  3. Clay

From the Hungarian galád or the Russian глуда (gluda).

Join us to watch Oranges and Stones by Palestinian Ashtar Theatre- the story of an impoverished refugee man who arrives from Europe after World War I under the guise of the “Balfour Declaration” and settles in a native woman’s home.

Oranges and Stones is a play without words, told totally through physical action and original music. It portrays the reality of persecution in Palestine, and travels in time to seventy years of occupation and settlement.

Peter Brook wrote,

It’s an amazing, magnificent piece of work. In fact, it is all of a piece, as there is no way of separating conception, visualisation, staging, performing – and meaning. If there is any very positive and hopeful message, as some of the audience in the discussion were looking for – it is there in the fact that your work is an affirmation that unity – even for 48 minutes and encompassing the spectators – is real.

Artistic vision and direction: Mojisola Adebayo
First assistant director: Mohammad Eid
Second assistant director: Emile Saba
Actors: Edward Muallem, Iman Aoun
Music by Rami Washaha
Technician: Mohammad Ali

Produced by ASHTAR Theatre - 2017.

Special Thanks: Riham Isaac, Rasha Jahshan, Antoine Nesnas, and Masha Kapustina-Carriou.

Supported by: Sida, as part of PPAN Program.


About Ashtar
Founded in 1991, ASHTAR looks at theatre as a tool to free our society, ignite awareness, create internal individual freedom, and invest in culture as a generator for social change and political liberation. They produce professional plays on a yearly basis in collaboration with local and international Theatres and playwrights. It provides new and varied plays in Palestine, ascertains the professional development of actors and enhances the interest of the Palestinian Theatre public in general. If the Palestinian public are unable to reach their Theatre in Ramallah, they carry their stage and equipment and go to them to present their plays.

Hosted by Howlround Theatre Commons

Coordinated by BÉZNĂ Theatre

A British Romanian theatre company making work that investigates societal inequalities & confronts institutional & normalised violences. Pivotal to our work are close collaborations with activists & academics during field research, inclusion of communities in our process & emancipatory actions to enact lasting change.

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