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Livestreamed on this page Saturday 24 October at 6 p.m. PDT (Los Angeles) / 8 p.m. CDT (St. Louis) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York) from the Kranzberg Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ashland, OR, United States
Saturday 24 October 2015

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The Every 28 Hours Plays

New One-Minute Plays Inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement

Saturday 24 October 2015



The One-Minute Play Festival and Oregon Shakespeare Festival presented The Every 28 Hours Plays—new one-minute plays inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement—livestreamed on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Saturday 24 October at 6 p.m. PDT (Los Angeles) / 8 p.m. CDT (St. Louis) / 9 p.m. EDT (New York) from the Kranzberg Arts Center in St. Louis, Missouri. 

In Twitter, use #Every28Hours and #1MPF. 

Every twenty-eight hours, a Black person is the victim of systematic violence in America. In 2014, St Louis became the inciting center for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Participating companies and artists from across the country, representing dozens of groups ranging from Steppenwolf to the American Conservatory Theatre will revive the plays developed in St Louis with St Louis artists at their home theatres across the country in a nation-wide call-to-action in the continued conversation about race.

Collaborators include: David Henry Hwang, Lynn Nottage, Robert Schenkkan, Kristoffer Diaz, Dominique Morisseau, Liza Jesse Peterson, Stew, Aurin Squire, Idris Goodwin, Jim McManus, Shishir Kurup, Robert Alexander, Zakiyyah Alexander, Larissa Fasthorse, Tavia Nyongo, Josh Wilder, Aaron Jafferis, Jonathan Norton, Lisa Loomer, Migdalia Cruz, Nancy Bell, Joan Lipkin, Kelley Webber, Grant Harris, Robert Maesaka, Em Piro, Adam Flores, Carl Overly, Andrea Lee, Marty Casey, Kathryn Bentley, Olivia Medina, Robert Maesaka, Steve Peirick, Matthew Kearns, Basmin Nadra, Mariah Richardson, Steve Page, Rasheedt Badejo, Florinda Bryant, Eric Coble, Chelsea Gregory, Aleshea Harris, Lily Junker, Jake Margolin, Jerome Parker, Nikkole Salter, Trinity Rep, The Team, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Working Theater, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Voices United, Sojourn Theater, Looking Glass Theater, Urban Theater Movement, Fishtank Performance Studio, Cleveland Public Theater, Guthrie Theater, A.C.T., The National Black Theater, Cleveland Playhouse, Wooly Mammoth Theater, The Forum Theater, The Flea Theater, Ping Chong Company, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, The Hansberry Project and American Theater Company, Dyalekt (Brian Kushner), The Black Rep, That Uppity Theatre Company, The Repertory Theatre of St Louis, St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, Salt House Collective, Mustard Seed Theatre, St Lou Fringe, the Regional Arts Commission, and more.




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I watched the play live last night. They said that another streaming of the play would be available this week on howlround.com -- is anyone able to provide the exact time and date PST?

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