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Livestreamed on this page on Saturday 16 April 2022 at 7 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 10 a.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 5 p.m. EEST (Kyiv, UTC +3).

New York City
Saturday 16 April 2022

New York Theatre Artists for Ukraine

A 12-hour online marathon of readings and conversations with 24 New York theatre institutions

Saturday 16 April 2022

The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center presents New York Theatre Artists for Ukraine: A 12-hour online marathon of readings and conversations with 24 New York theatre institutions livestreaming on the commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Saturday 16 April 2022 at 7 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 10 a.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 5 p.m. EEST (Kyiv, UTC +3).

The New York Theatre Community will come together for 12 hours on Saturday April 16th, from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm for 24 online readings and conversations on www.HowlRound.com. We will share our outrage at the bombing of the Donetsk Drama Theater in Mariupol in Ukraine where 300 people died while seeking shelter in space that is sacred to all of us.

Using the words of playwrights, poets and novelists we will express and share our deep sorrow in response to this shocking and devastating tragedy of our time. By showing our empathy and compassion we will let the world know that the New York Theatre Community cares deeply about the victims, survivors and families of the Mariupol catastrophe and that Ukraine is on our minds. This is not a fundraiser. We anticipate that listeners from over 20 countries will be tuning in. ​The National Public Broadcasting Station of Ukraine will live-streaming the gathering for all Ukrainians.​

The Segal Center is joined by:
Abrons Arts Center; BAM; CUNY STAGES; HERE Arts Center; HowlRound; La Mama / Yara Arts Group; Mabou Mines | Performance Space; Ma-Yi Theater Company; Nuyorican Poets Cafe; PEN America; PS21; St. Ann’s Warehouse; The Park Avenue Armory; New York Live Arts and Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company; Theatre Without Borders; The National Black Theater; The Noor Theatre; The Play Company; The Public Theater; The Segal Theatre Center; The Shed; Torn | Page; Ukrainian Actors of New York; The Watermill Center | Robert Wilson​​

10 am ET, PEN America

PEN America presented readings and remarks about translating in war time. With Neil Blackadder (US), Amin Erfani (Iran/US), Allison Markin Powell (US) and Caridad Svitch (Argentina/Cuba/US).

10:30 am ET, The Shed

The Shed presented New York actors April Matthis and Tom O'Keefe performing an excerpt from ‘Help’ by Claudia Rankine —​an inquiry and ongoing investigation into white dominance, and how to address, engage, and ultimately confront it. Introduced by The Shed Producers Laura Asward and Daisy Peele, with a special appearance by Claudia Rankine​.

11:00 am ET + 11:30 am ET, HERE Arts Center

HERE Arts Center presented an excerpt reading of Anastasia Kosodiy's ‘A Timetraveler's Guide to Donbass’. The piece took us back and forth between 2036 and 2013 Ukraine, with the inventor of the time machine and the time traveler trying to understand why the war between Russia and Ukraine began. This was followed by a conversation between Ukrainian and US artists. Featuring Ukrainian artists Viktor Ruban and ProEnglish Theater (Alex Borovenskiy, Polina Hedzenko, James Martin, Daniil Prymachiv, Valeria Pustova, Anabell Ramirez, Alina Zievakova), and US artists AnomalousCo, Kersti Bryan, Clove Galilee, Lenora Champagne, Abigail Gampel, LEIMAY (Ximena Garnica), and Suzi Takahashi.

12:00 pm ET, PS21

PS21 presented readings and music by Nicole Ansari (US/Germany/Iran), Maria Sonevytsky (US/Ukraine), Jim Fletcher (US), and Franz Nicolay (US). With Elena Siyanko (US/Ukraine), Artistic Director of PS21, Chatham, NY.

Maria Sonevytsky, a Ukrainian musician (currently based in US), and American musician Franz Nicolay together played a Ukrainian song that Sonevytsky learnt from her teacher in Ukraine. Also during the session, Nicole Ansari and Jim Fletcher performed a reading of a fable of love and war by American-Ukrainian poet Ilya Kaminsky.

12:30 pm ET, BAM

BAM invited Anton Ovchinnikov—dancer, choreographer, and poet—to join from Kyiv and to share his poetry and a dance work created especially for this moment. With an introduction by David Binder, Artistic Director, BAM.

1:00 pm ET, The Watermill Center | Robert Wilson:

One of the greatest American theatre artists of our times Robert Wilson, Founder and Artistic Director of The Watermill Center, responds to why it is important to make art in the time of war. Joined by Executive Director of The Watermill Center Elise Herget and Segal Center Director Frank Hentschker.

1:30 pm ET, St. Ann’s Warehouse

St. Ann's Warehouse brought together numerous artists, each contributing new short works that speak to the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Artists include Daniel Fish, Cyrus Moshrefi with Jim Dawson + Jim Findlay, Jake Robards, Yolonda Ross, Ben Williams, Marisha Wallace and Tom Brady.​

2:00 pm ET, The Public Theater

The Public Theater presented readings and performances with Artistic Director Oskar Eustis in conversation with playwright Tony Kushner, theatre artists Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, and Natalia Kaliada from Belarus Free Theatre.

2:30 pm ET, Torn Page

Torn Page joined from Paris with New York poet Lee Ann Brown presenting readings from her work + members of New York Tender Buttons Press poets circle. Tony Torn showed and read excerpts from the 1968 anti-Vietnam war poem performance ‘Spider Rabbit - a Gargoyle Cartoon’ by Michael McClure.

3:00 pm ET, Park Avenue Armory

Park Avenue Armory presented an excerpt from their production of ‘Afterwardsness’, a dance work created by Bill T. Jones that addresses the state of the world and twin pandemics of these last few years. The work features the Bill T Jones / Arnie Zane Company. With a special introduction by Jones, alongside Park Avenue Chief Artistic Producer Michael R. Lonergan.

3:30 pm ET, Abrons Arts Center

Abrons Arts Center presented excerpts and conversation from Language Reversal, a long-term collaboration between Abrons resident artist Aaron Landsman (US) and Serbian cultural NGO Kulturanova, including artists Milan Vracar and Jelena Galovic (Serbia).

4:00 pm ET, HowlRound Theatre Commons & Al Limite

HowlRound’s Thea Rodgers was joined by members of New York's Al Límite Collective, an off-shoot of The Living Theatre. Cypress Atlas and Phillip Schaffer read from Judith Malina’s ‘Love and Politics’.

4:30 pm ET, Ma-Yi Theater Company

Ma-Yi Theater presented select Filipino poetry in English, and held a panel discussion about the responsibility of artists in time of war. Ma-Yi Theater artists included Jakob Carter, Nancy Bulalacao, Jesse Jae Hoon, Ken Leung, and Ma-Yi’s Artistic Director Ralph B. Peña.

5:00 pm ET, National Black Theatre

National Black Theatre presented a dramatic reading of selected passages from BIPOC writers centering the words of “Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds” written by adrienne maree brown. With Sade Lythcott, NBT CEO and Jonathan McCrory, NBT Executive Artistic Director.

5:30 pm ET, The Play Company

The Play Company presented readings of works by poets, journalists and theatre makers around the world to voice love and solidarity in this time of war. With Nadine Malouf, Nicole Shalhoub and Stacey Yen. Introduction by Kate Loewald, Founding Producer of PlayCo.



Seth Baumrin and Vernice Miller from John Jay College CUNY as well as Anne Mourier of Subpoetics International (France) discussed their work in Ukraine with internally displaced actors drawn together from Les Kurbas Theatre, Lesia Ukrainska Theatre and Ivan Franko University—and report on the creation of the Gershom Theatre Lviv in Ukraine.

6:30 pm ET, Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Nuyorican Poets Cafe invited New York spoken word poets Paul LaTorre and JF Seary to read works that reflects on the role of the poet in the time of war. With a contribution from and moderation by Kimberly Ramírez.

7:00 pm ET + 7:30 pm ET, La MaMa & Yara Arts Group

La MaMa invited resident artists Adham Hafez and Sophia Gutchinov from its 60th season to read poetry and texts in solidarity with Ukraine. Artists including ‘Maria from Mariupol’ from the Mariupol theatre community in Ukraine joined Virlana Tkacz to share their perspectives. Introduced by Mia Yoo, Artistic Director of La MaMa and Nicky Paraiso, Director of Programming at La MaMa.

Yara Arts Group is a resident company at La MaMa Experimental Theatre in New York. Together with actor Marina Celander, Yara Arts Group artistic leaders Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps read their award-winning translations of poetry by Serhiy Zhadan (Kharkiv, Ukraine) and Katerina Babkina (today a refugee in Poland).

8:00 pm ET, Noor Theatre

Noor Theatre invited New York MENA/SWANA artists Noelle Ghoussaini and Bazeed to present digital and written pieces in response to global current events, diaspora and displacement. Introduced by Kate Moore Heaney, Artistic Producer at Noor Theatre.

8:30 pm ET, Mabou Mines | Performance Space New York

Mabou Mines represented by Sharon Fogarty and Senior Artistic Associate actress Maude Mitchell shared poetry and texts in solidarity with Ukraine, joined by Yulia OK representing relief aid and street theatre organisation Razom For Ukraine.

9:00 pm ET, Ukrainian Actors of New York

Ukrainian Actors of New York's Alex Ozerov-Meyer, Sasha K. Odesa, Cynthia Adler, Tjaša Ferme and Tony Naumovski read excerpts from The Paris Review's Conversations to the Tune of Air-Raid Sirens: Odesa Writers on Literature in Wartime by Ukrainian-American poet Ilya Kaminsky to honor and amplify the voices of the brilliant writers of Odesa, Ukraine.

9:30 pm ET, Theatre Without Borders

Theatre Without Borders invited Lebanese violinist Layale Chaker and American playwright-librettist Lisa Schlesinger to perform excerpts and speak about Ruinous Gods: Suites for Sleeping Children—their opera about displaced children.

‘New York Theatre Artists for Ukraine: A 12-hour online marathon of Readings and Conversations with 24 New York Theatre Institutions’ was a Segal Center / GC CUNY Initiative in collaboration with:
Abrons Arts Center; Al Límite; Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM); CUNY Stages; Here Arts Center; HowlRound Theatre Commons; La Mama / Yara Arts Group; Mabou Mines / Performance Space New York; Ma-Yi Theater Company; Nuyorican Poets Cafe; Park Avenue Armory; PEN America; PS2; St. Ann's Warehouse; Theatre Without Borders; National Black Theatre; Noor Theatre; The Play Company; The Public Theater; The Shed; Torn Page; Ukrainian Actors of New York; The Watermill Center / Robert Wilson.

Producers: Frank Hentschker & Tanvi Shah (Martin E. Segal Theatre Center)

Digital Hosts: HowlRound Theatre Commons; Thea Rodgers and Vijay Mathew; NachtKritik, Germany; Esther Slevogt

Social Media and Design: The Paper Planes Agency (India)

Livestream Operators: Aaditya Rawat, Rachit Khetan, and Tanvi Shah

#NYTheatreArtistsForUkraine #StopWar

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