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15 February 2012

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15 February 2012



Watch all of these livestreamed events on #NEWPLAY TV's channel page over here: newplaytv.info & Organize, host, or crash your own local community's WATCH PARTIES for these livestreamed events by clicking over here: meetup.com/newplaytv

Wed, Feb 22 at 10am PST / 1pm EST /6pm GMT -- Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company is set to host the launch of the Cyber Narrative Project—an innovative collaboration between Black Women Playwrights’ Group (BWPG) and the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center-Global (ETC-Global). This project will partner playwrights of color with technology students to create cyber-narrative tools to enhance live productions of their plays. Click here for more.


Fri, Feb 24 starting at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT & also Sat, Feb 25 starting at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT --  The American Voices New Play Institute - HowlRound.com asks what's the 21st Century literary office look like? In a rapidly changing technological landscape, the role of the literary manager is rapidly changing. The literary office is the bridge to audience AND to playwright engagement for many institutions. With new tools, changing practices in play development, and shrinking budgets, we ask you to come dream the future with us! Click here for more.

Sun, Feb 26 at 1:30pm PST / 4:30pm EST / 9:30pm GMT -- The One-Minute Play Festival, The Deering Estate, and The South Florida Theatre League Present: The First Annual South Florida One-Minute Play Festival. Featuring 40+ South Florida Writers including Mark Della Ventura, Vanessa Garcia, and Kimberly Patterson. Click here for more.


Mon, Feb 27 at 4pm PST / 7pm-8:30pm EST / 11pm GMT -- In celebration of the life and work of Woodie King Jr., founder and Artistic Director of The New Federal Theatre- The New Black Fest, The Fire This Time Festival, The Movement Theatre Company and With a Cherry on Top Productions will host “Honoring Excellence in Black Theatre: A Night with Woodie King Jr.” a special conversation with Mr. King to recognize his legacy and impact on the black theatre community. Click here for more.


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