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Livestreaming on this page on Saturday 19 September 2020 at 7 p.m. PDT (Los Angeles, UTC -7) / 9 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 10 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4).

Los Angeles, California
Saturday 19 September 2020

A Performance of Re-Re-Generation

Re-imagining performances originally created for Re-Fest 2020, CultureHub’s annual festival that brings together artists, technologists, and activists

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Saturday 19 September 2020

CultureHub LA presents a performance Re-Re-Generation livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Saturday 19 September 2020 at 7 p.m. PDT (Los Angeles, UTC -7) / 9 p.m. CDT (Chicago, UTC -5) / 10 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4).

Re-Re-Generation re-imagines an evening of performances originally created for Re-Fest 2020, CultureHub’s annual festival that brings together artists, technologists, and activists. Artists across Los Angeles and New York incorporate their reflections on what has transpired in the past few months into their projects, invite collaborators, or present new projects that are in dialogue with the current moment.

The performances were born as responses to the idea of “re-generation”—as forums for intergenerational collaboration that examines our roots and envisions the future as a means of reckoning with our current conditions. In presenting their re-generated performances in September of 2020, the artists invite the audience to consider alongside them how their practices and perspectives evolved throughout 2020.


VIBRATION GROUP is a spaceship-dwelling commune of migrants who have left Earth. They reject the idea of settling on another’s planet, leaving them stuck in suspension as they travel through the cosmos engaging in research and regeneration of the self. You are invited to beam onto their spaceship and take part in their research.
VIBRATION GROUP is a project by Anna Luisa Petrisko is collaboration with ToniaB******, Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero, Carlo Maghirang, Laskfar Vortok, Kerstin Hovland, Barry Brannum, Sarah Gail Armstrong, Micaela Tobin, Fanciulla Gentile, Lu Coy, Jon Almaraz and Tiara Jackson.

Daniel Corral
Speakers: Cynthia Paige Aaron, Andrew Choate, Andrea Saenz, Joanna Wallfisch
Musicians: Patrick Behnke, Daniel Corral, April Guthrie, David Tranchina
Dislike explores the darker emotions swirling around the internet by deconstructing 24-hours worth of comments on the most “disliked” video on YouTube. Four speaking voices interpret this surreal text – full of anger, naivety, homophobia, desperation, and mischief – while four musicians create a lush, post-ambient sonic environment inspired by a time-stretched interpretation of that video’s song.

Janet Sternburg
LIMBUS: Borders, Crossings, Stem Cells
Join poet and photographer Janet Sternburg as she draws from her recent exhibition LIMBUS, a word of many meanings: in the Renaissance the porous border between body and spirit; now the ring around the eyeball where stems cells live. These stem cells cross their borders to restore damaged cornea cells. They are infinitely generative. Using video and audience discussion, we’ll explore how stem cells are metaphor for a generative way to live. To cross our own borders. To make art at the edge of body and spirit. To imagine together how art-making can help to restore what has been damaged.

Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos and Jon-Carlos Evans
El Nazareno/The Nazarene
Often neglected and/or forgotten, Afro-descendent communities throughout Latin-America are only recently being recognized in mainstream media and their traditions celebrated. El Nazareno/The Nazarene is a collaborative audio-visual performance based on the experiences of these communities where voice samples, live instruments and structured improvisation come together to explore African heritage, history, and identity in Latin-America.

Nia & Ness
As a romantic couple and artistic duo who live together, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us even closer, urging us to interact less with the outside world and more with each other. On top of the health pandemic, the pandemic of systemic racism is being highlighted, making it necessary and important for us to see examples of Black joy and Black love. We, Nia & Ness, bring you Poetry & Pole, an intimate experience that invites you into our bedroom to watch Nia pole dance while Ness reads her original poetry, both telling stories of their love. We hope that as we bring our vulnerability, our intimacy, our love into the public eye, you will be encouraged and inspired to further unveil yourselves as well.

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