Introducing The New Play Map Version 3.0

Drumroll please... The latest iteration of The New Play Map has launched! For a detailed account of what we've changed in this version, see our previous blogs here. The goal of this iteration was to make the Map more user-friendly, address major bugs, and to integrate its design with the Center for the Theatre Commons and HowlRound. Thankfully, the mapping technologies have progressed at breakneck speed in the past year, so we were able to take advantage of these advances to make a much speedier, more functional Map. You'll notice that everything loads much faster (no more white screen of death!), and that our search functionality and filtering systems have been refined and kick back results really quickly. If you want to see just how far we've come, take a look at the old Map here and then compare it to the new version.

One of the trade-offs of making huge changes in the basic platform that the Map lives on was that we were unable to retain the "related events," "related artists," and "related organizations" functionality in this version. Getting this functionality back is on the top of our priority list for our next iteration. Right now, the best way to get access to this information is to search by Play Name, which will geolocate the play's journey and development steps to date. Stay tuned for video tutorials on using the Map. In the meantime, though, go see it for yourself and contribute to this community-sourced project! Let us know what you think. Post a comment here or in the feedback section of the Map.

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For some reason, the right margin is appearing substantially offscreen of my monitor, and there's no bar at the bottom of the screen to center the page better to compensate.