Living the Dream Podcast # 13

PigPen Theatre Co., Part 2 of 2

When I was in college studying acting, we were told that there was a tried and true path to being a working actor. A path every actor worth respecting has trodden.

Now that I’ve taught acting for fifteen years, and watched the whole business utterly transform in the wake of all sorts of new developments, I’m wondering if that path we were told about in college still exists.

That’s the purpose of this podcast series. Over the next year, I am going to interview actors from all over. I am asking all kinds of actors to share why they act and how they act, in a world of diminished residuals, rising student loan interest rates, reduced network pick-ups, and a dying regional theatre circuit. How are actors faring as the business both widens its spectrum but also narrows the amount of available work? How did their training help prepare them for each and every day?

In the second part of my interview with Pig Pen Theatre Co., I speak with Matt, Curtis, and Ben this time. We discuss how to avoid cynicism for the business, speaking a common language with your collaborators, and Jerome Bettis...

Theme song by Chris Martel & Ben Patey.

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