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#NEWPLAY Aggregation - Introducing the website


#NEWPLAY is US! A HowlRound.com Knowledge Commons Project. The site NEWPLAY.US aka #NEWPLAY is US! is a new blog that's dedicated to community-sourced news & info for the #NEWPLAY World. Join a community revolutionizing the flow of knowledge and information in our field. If you have something to share of national relevance, post it to Twitter with the hashtag #NEWPLAY in your message and we'll re-tweet and/or publish it up on that blog! We're fans of Creative Commons Licenses for freeing up the flow. See you there! The Revolution WILL BE televised actually! PEACE!! @soulprdts & @kevbecerra To check out the latest #NEWPLAY-AHZ video created by @Jamiegahlon-- Click HERE!

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