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Crowdsourced Opportunities from the #NEWPLAY Community!

Check out what’s happening in the #newplay world: Newplay.us is a site driven by the #newplay community on Twitter. People from all around post opportunities and news from the #newplay sector so that everyone can benefit. Join our community by putting #newplay in your tweets! Make sure you support some of our amazing #newplay news gatherers and contributors:  @PatriciaMilton, @emicic, @jfdubiner, @HESherman, and @ActorsOfColor.     #NEWPLAY Opportunity: @pwcenter Accepting Applications for Interns!

Are you an aspiring playwright, director, dramaturg or theater artist of any discipline? Get hands-on experience in the process of new play development through the Playwrights’ Center’s Internship Program. Our program is offered to advanced undergraduates, recent graduates and graduate-level students of playwriting, dramaturgy, directing, stage management, and other theater programs. Internships at the Playwrights’ Center (PWC) offer the opportunity to work at the heart of a thriving arts organization while learning multiple aspects of the day-to-day of a non-profit. For more click here!          

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