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A Call for Commons Producers



The Center for the Theater Commons (CTC) will track and document the activities of the recently announced playwright residencies over the next three years. We will work together with the fourteen playwrights and theaters to learn about the impact of these residencies on their communities and on the infrastructure of the nonprofit theater. We hope to better understand why and if it matters that more artists have institutional support and affiliation that includes salaries and health insurance. Will our organizations be strengthened? Will playwrights influence the artistic life of the theaters? Will new and risky plays become more palatable? How will we define success over the course of three years? In order to do this, and as a way of emphasizing the importance of these residencies for each community where they are housed, we are seeding one Commons Producer in every residency community (Ashland, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.). Commons Producers duties will include the following:

  • Commons Producers will produce content that tracks residency activity in their community. This will entail commissioning artists to write, conducting interviews, videorecording and livestreaming activities, promoting activity on the New Play Map, and more.
  • Commons Producers will report to the CTC.
  • The CTC will help facilitate the integration of the work of the Commons into the life of the Playwright Residency and the hosting theater in their community.
  • Produced content could include HowlRound articles, blog posts, #NEWPLAY TV broadcasts, and participation on The New Play Map.
  • All Commons producers will be hired on a one-year contract beginning March 1, 2013 (renewable for up to three years).
  • Each Commons Producer will receive a fee of $2,000 annually per residency documented.

For a full Commons Producer job description, click here. Applications are due no later than February 1, 2013. To download an application, click here. We are committed to fostering and developing a Commons-based approach to advancing the health and impact of the nonprofit theater, and we are enthusiastic to have Commons Producers join us in this endeavor. We can't wait to share what we learn with all of you!

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