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How to Produce a Livestream Event

Guides to the tools and embedded values.

A series of guides on how to produce your livestream events which prioritize accessibility, inclusion, low carbon practices, and the commons.

Cuban woman with headphones talking in a video conference.
How to Produce a Livestream Event, Part 2

How to Produce a Livestream Event, Part 2

A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Commons-based OBS Studio Live Broadcast Software

14 October 2020

HowlRound’s cultural strategist, Vijay Mathew, offers a part two to his guide on how to produce a livestream, this time focusing on the commons-based OBS Studio.

a screen capture of an ASL interpreter and live captions for a presenter on a Zoom video conference that was livestreamed
How to Produce a Livestreamed Event

How to Produce a Livestreamed Event

A Producer’s Guide to the Tools and Embedded Values

14 April 2020

Vijay Mathew, HowlRound’s cultural strategist, offers a guide to producing and livestreaming events online.

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