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Triple Play Convening

An initiative exploring what artists and administrators can do to entice casual ticket buyers to see more new plays.

16-17 January 2015 in Boston at Emerson College

The Triple Play Convening was co-organized by HowlRound, Theatre Development Fund (TDF), and Theatre Bay Area (TBA) and took place in Boston, Massachusetts in January 2015. Over a long weekend, participants explored the existing Triple Play research—including the one-on-one conversations with audience members—and discussed how it could be translated into concrete actions in their individual communities.

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Background Information: Laying the Groundwork

Phase 1

TDF and TBA visited theatre artists and leaders in six cities around the country to discuss the audience's appetite for risk in new work.

Phase 2

In five cities, playwrights and theatre staffers host both focus groups and one-on-one interviews with single-ticket buyers who have recently attended at least one new play.

  • Phase 2 Summary: A summary of how Phase 2 research was organized and conducted, as well as a list of participating theatres and playwrights.
  • Focus Group Protocols: The protocols for the focus group interviews.
  • Interview Protocols: The protocols for the one-on-one interviews.
  • Focus Group Reports: A report from theatre leaders on what was learned from the audience focus groups.
  • Interview Reports: A report from playwrights about what was learned from one-on-one interviews with audience members.

Guests sit in a large semi-circle facing five theatre artists at a table.

Dozens of convening participants sit in a semi-circle listening.

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