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Twitter Conversation using #newplay on Sept. 20

What Keeps You Going? What Keeps You in This Field?

Using as a starting point Michael Elyanow's article "The Value of Collaboration," where he answers the question "Is playwriting worth it?"—we want to find out from you: What keeps you in this field? What keeps you going? Join us every Thursday at 18:00 GMT / 7pm BST / 2pm EDT / 1pm CDT / 11am PDT for the Weekly Howl, an open discussion about theater culture and contemporary performance that happens on Twitter using the hashtag “#newplay.” @HowlRound will be co-moderating with anyone who wants to join us. Get heard in the conversation by searching for “#newplay” in Twitter and by putting “#newplay” somewhere in your messages.



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Perhaps next week could be about why "(g)etting anyone to go on record in our profession to tell the truth is like trying to crack a CIA security code" ?