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The Weekly Howl

Twitter convo on Tues, Feb 21 "Technology & Theatre - Do They Mix?"

The Weekly Howl: Join HowlRound.com for our weekly Twitter conversation. This week we are exploring "Technology and Theatre - Do they mix".

Check out the article by Miriam Weisfield on Woolly's collaboration with Black Women Playwright Group and Carnegie Mellon here!

The Weekly Howl will happen Tuesday, Feb 21 at 12pm-1pm PST (San Francisco) / 2pm-3pm CST (Chicago) / 3pm-4pm Eastern (New York) / 8pm-9pm GMT (London) / 9pm-10pm CET (Berlin)
Use hashtag “#newplay” in your tweets to get your voice heard and follow @HowlRound who will be moderating the discussion.

At 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT we’d like to invite you to DJ and hang out with us in the HowlRound music room: http://turntable.fm/howlround
– the @HowlRound crew: Kevin Becerra, Polly Carl, David Dower, Jamie Gahlon, Jason King Jones, Laley Lippard, Vijay Mathew, and Erin Washington


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Weekly twitter conversations between HowlRound and followers around a pre-selected topic.

Weekly Howl


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