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Weekly Howl on Thursday, January 3

What can theatermakers contribute to the world outside of theater?

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The Weekly Howl is an open-access discussion about theatre culture and contemporary performance that happens on Twitter using the hashtag #newplay.* Join us this Thursday, January 3rd for the Weekly Howl on hashtag #newplay at 19:00 GMT/ 2pm EST/ 1pm CST/ 12pm MST/ 11am PST. This week, we’ll be discussing the distinctive, applicable skills and talents that theatremakers possess that could be used to impact the world outside of theatre. For some background on this topic, read Kendra Albert's blog post "How-To Team Problem Solve Right: Advice from the Theater." Leave comments here below if you have specific prompts and questions you want addressed for this chat. On Thursday, get heard in the conversation by searching for #newplay in Twitter (sort by “all”) and by putting “#newplay” somewhere in your messages.

*The hashtag #newplay in Twitter is a commons tag (i.e. non-proprietary tag) for aggregating global knowledge, information, and conversation related to new works, new performance, and new strategies in the theatre.



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