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The Weekly Howl on Tues, April 24

"Please, Don't Start a Theater Company," or Let's Figure out the Future

Join us every Tuesday for our weekly discussion on Twitter using the "#newplay" tag.

Tomorrow we'll take Rebecca Novick's article "Please, Don't Start a Theater Company! Next-Generation Arts Institutions and Alternative Career Paths" as a starting point to discuss alternative models for supporting theater work and a career in the theater and see if there has been progress since Rebecca wrote about this topic two years ago.

Rebecca, @rebeccanovick, will be co-moderating with us and we'll start the discussion on Tuesday, April 24 from 12pm-1pm PDT /1pm-2pm MDT / 2pm-3pm CDT / 3pm-4pm EDT / 7pm-8pm (GMT) / 8pm-9pm (London – BST) / 9pm-10pm (Berlin – CEST).

To participate, put “#newplay” in your Twitter messages to get your voice heard!

One hour prior to the Howl, DJ with us in the HowlRound Turntable room. Let’s hear you spin some tracks!



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Weekly Howl


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Your essay on this rocked my socks. I am sharing it with friends. The concept of the Indy Bands as a model is one that I whole-heartily endorse - and live in my play-making world. Dig it.