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The Weekly Howl on Tues, May 1

Diversity in the Theater—Serving Humanity or the Economy?


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Is it true that only particular kinds of plays can be popular enough to fill big houses like the Guthrie? Are we forced to focus on "what sells"? Are we serving humanity or are we serving the economy or something else?

Join us every Tuesday for our weekly discussion on Twitter using the “#newplay” tag. Tomorrow we'll use Polly Carl's article "A Boy in a Man's Theater" and Ayad Akhtar's article "Dialogue and The Age of Industrial Storytelling (or, A Defense of the Theater)" as starting points for discussing the problem of diversity in the seasons of our big theaters.

We’ll kick off the discussion on Tuesday, May 1 from 12pm-1pm PDT /1pm-2pm MDT / 2pm-3pm CDT / 3pm-4pm EDT / 7pm-8pm (GMT) / 8pm-9pm (London – BST) / 9pm-10pm (Berlin – CEST). To participate, put “#newplay” in your Twitter messages to get your voice heard!

One hour prior to the Howl, DJ with us in the HowlRound Turntable room. Let’s hear you spin some tracks!



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