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The Weekly Howl on Tuesday, April 10

Theatermaking in DC

Theater J's artistic director Ari Roth (@arirothdc) will be co-hosting the Howl this week on Twitter using the #newplay tag. This week's conversation will focus on the DC theater scene: past, present, and future. Join us on Tuesday, April 10 from 12pm-1pm (San Francisco) / 2pm-3pm (Chicago) / 3pm-4pm (New York) / 7pm-8pm (GMT) / 8pm-9pm (London – BST) / 9pm-10pm (Berlin – CEST). To participate, put “#newplay” in your Twitter messages to get your voice heard. For some background on the topic, read Ari's journal article, artist Rachel Grossman's post, listen to the recent David Dower Friday Phone Call with Peter Marks, and watch this #NEWPLAY TV video from the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival: “Squirrel, or the Origin of a Species" by Michael Merino. An hour prior to the start of this discussion, we’d like to invite you to DJ with us in the HowlRound Turntable Room. We want to hear your music!



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Weekly Howl


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